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Improperly Located Mechanical Draft Venting

Improper Mechanical Draft Vents

As gas furnace heating systems get older they are being replaced by the new high-efficiency models. It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure the system is installed correctly and safely according to the manufacturer and/or the authority having jurisdiction. This is especially true for those systems with mechanical draft venting. Mechanical draft vented gas furnaces will have a power blower to remove combustion gases to the outside of the building as an alternative to natural convection. Since these gasses are cooler than conventional gas furnaces, PVC can be used as the conduit to convey the exhaust to the outside and can be routed to the exterior through a wall rather than having to go up through the roof. I have seen these vents installed near and directly below openable windows and doors. Having these exhaust vents spewing combustion products in the vicinity of windows, doors, or air inlets can provide an access for carbon monoxide to enter the habitable living areas of the home.

Yes, I know, you say, "Who in their right mind would have a window or door open for prolonged periods of time when the heat is on?". Possibly those who are not very familiar with heating systems to let alone, know nothing of the hazardous potential of those systems when they are not installed correctly. As spring time comes around, before the heating system has been shut down for the warmer months, an occupant of the home may open a window or door for some fresh spring air. If the outside temperature is cool enough to trigger the furnace, a potentially lethal condition may exist.

Service Area

Service Area

Scott Olsen Handyman Services operates in the New York State Capital region covering Schenectady county, and parts of Albany and Saratoga counties, providing local handyman, home repair, home maintenance, remodeling and renovation services for the following municipalities:

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